Letter from our founder,
When I transitioned into the esthetics world I realized there was not much opportunity for estheticians and other beauty professionals to assist in the growth of our community. Love my Mis was is a campaign dedicated to educating women and children on the importance of skin health. 
Miseducation in skincare can cause illnesses in the body and also impact our mental and emotional health.
Proper skin education and skincare is vital to an individuals’ esteem and overall health. After all, what we place on our skin is a direct reflection of the changes within our bodies. Through Love My Mis, it was important to show women and children that proper skincare is possible on a low-income budget, skincare is about consistency and skin education. Beautiful skin builds confidence, boost self-esteem and promotes internal happiness strengthening mental and emotional health. Love My Mis embodies loving your skin. Every woman and child deserve to feel beautiful in every stage of their life. 
'The Bag' & 'Beauty Kit' will provide women in transition access to premium and quality products that will help them to create a consistent skin care regimen. The bags will come with 30ROSES and coupled with other quality products that will include a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF to provide the women with the basics.
The bags feature a handle, are versatile and water proof to protect from extreme wear and tear. 

Thank you Hyper Skin for being a partner in our initiative!!

Other brand partners *TBD 

BUY ONE GIVE ONE: Buy a bag and we will give a bag full of beauty and skin products to a woman in need to Atlanta Mission


Purchase a bag and fill it with goodies to drop off to your local women's shelter! 

For partnerships: Email